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Isem and Grafiche Bramucci:
stronger together

The story between Isem and Bramucci is not that of a merger but rather of an encounter. The encounter of two historical Italian companies of the luxury packaging that have combined experiences, ideas and projects to build a bigger story together.

All hails from a syntony. Human, even before professional. Shared values and the same passion for challenges are what tie the names and destinies of the two companies. Isem and Grafiche Bramucci have chosen to start from here: a similar story and a shared vision of the future.

Isem Bramucci Group: luxury pakaging - Isem Bramucci

Working together means complementing, improving and growing. The new structure doesn’t erase companies’ identities and stories but instead enhances their pecularities. “Complementarity” is the word that guides the new organization: from range of products, to processes and development strategies.

The result is a stronger Group that puts together resources and abilities, that thinks about the future, that looks at the international market and that aims even higher, towards the absolute excellence.

Key numbers

0 million
of folding boxes (5 packaged)
0 million
of boxes (7 packaged)
0 sq.m.
of production plant
0 million
euros turnover

Our Vision

Being the reference point in the luxury packaging market of Europe for the production of rigid boxes and folding cartons, and being a strategic partner for multinational companies and small local businesses.

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