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to be leader in Europe

Technology for us is the key to achieve the best efficiency. For this reason we have developed a unique technology park in Europe that allow us to realize all the working inside our wherouse that makes us the most competitive in terms of costs, time and flexibility.

Graphics / pre-printing department

Both plants have a full-fledged and independent Graphics and pre-printing departments; from technical samples to the production of printing documents

Offset printing department

6 Offset 5 and 8-colour UV machines at the forefront of technology; all machine have a single or double varnisher

Hot stamping and embossing department

4 hot printing Bobst, including the new top of the range Masterfoil, besides the cylinder plane for the most complex works and the Saroglia machines for limited quantities

Die-cutting and lamination department

A technology park which includes 7 Bobst diecutters, laminating and grooving machines

Gift sets assembly and packaging

Among Europe’s major productive capacity, Emmeci machines, automatic polybag and labelling machines

Folding boxes assembly

Bobst die-cutting and multi-size Vega for the glueing of simple or complex folding cartons

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