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Two stories,
a common future


1949: Enrica Maestri and Cesare Darone founded ISEM in Vigevano.
The production included boxes for shirts, accessories, linens and toys. The company was one of the first in Italy to import new machinery from the United States to improve quality and speed of the processes. During the 70s and 80s the production continued to grow.

The boxes were no longer considered as simple containers but a medium to express the product’s personality.

Since the early 2000s, Isem added a new key strength to its solutions: the service for the insertion of products (perfumes, creams, gadgets, etc.) inside the box.
It was the first company in the printing sector that provides this “full service”, the perfect combination of production and logistics.

Today the company is the leader in the European market of luxury rigid boxes for the perfumery, cosmetics and champagne. With more than 160 employed between Vigevano and France, Isem is partner of over 40 international brands.

isem bramucci scatole rigide

Grafiche Bramucci

Grafiche Bramucci was established in 1966 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Bramucci.
The company initially produced refined rigid boxes entirely hand-made, covered in velvet, precious fabrics and with fine trimmings. In the 70s Grafiche Bramucci industrialized its production, and began
to realize high quality folding boxes establishing itself as one of the main player in the luxury sector.

Always at the cutting-edge of production techniques and innovation research, in the 80s the Bramucci brothers were the very first printers in Italy to adopt the offset UV printing technique, a technology that is today very valued because allows to print on a wide range of materials.
Today the company is a leader in the production of packaging for cosmetics and the luxury sector, with an annual production of about 50 million packagings.

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