Milan, August 1st 2018


 Milan, August 1st, 2018 – The closing for the merging of Grafiche Bramucci into Isem Group is official as of today. The two rapidly growing, complementary and historic companies in the Italian luxury packing business now aim to strengthen the group’s perimeter by increasing their presence in the international markets.

Francesco Pintucci, main stakeholder and CEO of Isem Group will hold the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grafiche Bramucci, whilst Francesca Bramucci will remain, as she is today, CEO, so to ensure long-term business continuity, the development of synergies and international growth. The two companies will also maintain the current production structure.

Isem Group was founded in Vigevano in 1949. After a steady growth in the 70s and 80s, the company is nowadays a leader in the European market of luxury rigid boxes for perfumery, cosmetics and champagne, serving fine customers as Coty, L’Oréal, Shiseido and LVMH. Since the early years 2000s, Isem has added the “Full Service”, that is the manipulation of produced boxes with the components directly sent by the customers – perfumes, creams, gadgets and so on. The company, with a turnover in excess of 32 million euros and over 160 employees between Vigevano and the French capital, serves over 40 brands of perfumery, cosmetics and spirits, among which: D&G, Armani, Calvin Klein, Cavalli, Givenchy, Bulgari, Louis Roderer, Lanson etc.

Grafiche Bramucci was founded in 1966. Since the beginning, the company’s been specialising in the creation of refined luxury cardboard folding cartons. Located in the outskirts of North Milan, area of Sesto San Giovanni, the company has, among its main strengths, the constant pursues of innovation, a state-of-the-art set of machinery and an exquisite attention to customer needs. Today, with a turnover of 7 million euros +, Grafiche Bramucci are leaders in the production of high quality packaging and promotional materials for cosmetics, serving great multinationals and large retailers alike.

Recently, the shareholding structure of Isem Group has had a major reorganisation: the private equity fund APE quit and was replaced by Dr Francesco Pintucci along with some private investors close to him, as well as the current minority shareholders and the former founders, the Galbiati and Stangalino families that, all together, took over 100% of the company shares and proceeded simultaneously with the signing of the capital increase – 2 million euros – to strengthen capitalisation and go through the Grafiche Bramucci acquisition.

Isem Group, under the guidance of Francesco Pintucci since June 2016, has started a phase of important internal reorganisation and strategic repositioning, thus achieving a significant growth in its economic-financial performance. The year 2017 closed with an excellent profitability, while the estimates for 2018 confirm forecast of further growth.

Francesco Pintucci states: “A few days ago, together with some friend investors and the founding members of Isem, I acquired the Group to embark on an ambitious industrial development project which, as a first important step, is the integration with Grafiche Bramucci. I am proud to announce this operation with a company that has a long history of excellence in luxury packaging and distinctive competence of its employees – without forgetting the fine guidance of a young entrepreneur that has a sound background in industry and management as well.”

“I am convinced that, with Francesca Bramucci at my side, and the support of all our employees, the group can and will continue to grow and become a point of reference for customers and suppliers in the luxury packaging market” adds Francesco “though we are perfectly aware of a competitive context that requires the ability to innovate and remain flexible at all times”

Francesca Bramucci said: “Because the company kept on growing steadily and continued to have good perspective for the future, I never felt the case to embark onto a corporate operation. That said, in fact, I never considered any of the various proposals that were submitted to my attention. However, when asked to merge with Isem Group, I did not hesitate at all – right from the start”. “Two Italian companies with success stories of growth and prestige, complementary in their fields” continues Francesca “are a clear indicator of sure accomplishments: together, we’ll definitely be stronger”

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Isem Group – Legal: Gelmetti Studio Legale Associato (Gelmetti); Finance: Mazars Italia S.p.A. (Rousmant, Motta, Sala e Manusi); M&A: CDI Global Italy (Tocchio e Tovini)

Grafiche Bramucci and Sellers Legal: Studio Legale Simmons & Simmons (Troisi); Finance: Studio Bonazzetti (Bonazzetti).

The bank that helped out the operation is Banca Ifis also with the assistance of  Studio Legale Simmons & Simmons (D’Affronto, Griffo).

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