Our Quality Department, with its headcount of 17, follows all processes that take place in ISEM. Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to defining quality standards with our clients and registers all quality deviations that may occur. They interface with the Quality Control team that makes sure standards are always guaranteed during the entire production cycle. With this team, ISEM is able to provide its clients with an unexceptionable level of Quality

Our Mission

  • Apply the Quality Policy and reach all planned objectives

  • Work with enthusiasm to guarantee that all Customer’s needs are satisfied

  • Constantly improve by implementing action plans, managing internal audits and by listening to advice and observations from the Client

  • Train and educate operators to ongoing “Quality Production”

  • Periodically analyze Quality Reports with the Managing Team

  • Identify and record all product-related issue and investigate on potential curative, corrective and preventive measures;

  • Educate third-party producers, through both audits and incoming checks, to ISEM’s Quality Standards

Quality Policy

Our objective is to deliver both services and products that are fit for use and satisfy the needs and expectations of our Clients.

Such committment, along with our wish to be among the best in the marketplace are the basis for an ongoing improvement of our Quality Assurance system, which we purse through: