ISEM protects workers with disabilities, in accordance to law 68/1999 and facilitates their employment.

We pay particular attention to training these workers and make sure they are ready to relocate to other positions and/or companies if so they wish

Work stages and Training

Protection of workers

ISEM purses a policy that facilitates the employment of young staff from the local area, so that they can invest in their future.

ISEM offers various types of work stage:

a) school stages, for the young who are still studying at school
b) post-school stages, for those people who have finished their studies and are waiting to enter the job market
c) back-to-work stages, in cooperation with local boards to facilitate the re-entry of disadvantaged/disabled workers in the workplace

ISEM is committed to:

  • Make sure workers are free to associate

  • Never use forced labor

  • Never use child labor

  • Never discriminate workers on job opportunities

  • Never jeopardise Health and Safety

  • Give value to human resources within a workplace where respect, fair play and cooperation are key