Production is held entirely at our plant in Vigevano, Italy.

We integrate our production process in a vertical way. We handle the whole process, from design / development to the production and manipulation of boxes.

Over the past ten years, the importance of “Full Service” (manipulation of boxes with all client components) has increased so to become a major part of our business model.





  • Litho printing, UV or traditional on three ManRoland machines 

  • Flexo printing

  • Hot stamping and embossing on 3 Bobst and Heilderberg machines 

  • 3 coupling machines that complete the box by dressing the base and the lid with various graphics 

  • 4 folding and glueing machines 

  • 16 EMMECI production lines to create rigid boxes and carton laminates 

  • We have a deparment dedicated to manual production, for limited quantities and samples

  • Manipulation of boxes with clients’ components 

  • 3 dye-cutting machines for paper

  •  2 dye-cutting machines for cartons