Competence,  innovation, development, commitment, passion. All of this made us what we are today.

In 1949, Enrica Maestri and Cesare Darone founded ISEM at Vigevano, some 30 kms south-west of Central Milan. Vigevano was, at that time, the Italian capital of shoemaking and was known all over the world.

Little by little, ISEM increased its production so to include boxes for shirts, accessories and table games and soon became one of the main producers of packaging in the country.

One of the reasons of our success was undoubtedly the capacity of the founders to look at the future: they were among the first Italian entrepreneurs to purchase new machinery in the USA to speed up production and refine the details of the final product.

During the 70s and 80s, our production registered a considerable boost, both in terms of quality and quantity. During these twenty years, ISEM became a unique player in the business of packaging. That is because boxes were no longer considered as simple “containers” but they turned into something that delivered emotion, expressed imagination and fascinated the final consumer. Packaging definitely became a medium to convey the importance of brands.

It is both the quality and our production capacity – great volumes in a few months only – that enable ISEM to demostrate that we can indeed serve the market of luxury items. Thence, the fact that ISEM is today a top supplier of perfumery and cosmetics packaging.

At the beginning of the new century, ISEM added to its “generic” production, what we like to call our “Full Service”. Not only do we manufacture boxes, but we also manipulate them by adding all those components, such as creams, eaux de toilette, etc – which are delivered to us by the clients.

In 2015, ISEM also entered the champagne market, which, for its high standards of quality and the service required, is somewhat similar to perfumery and cosmetics; there, once again, we have proved to be a very trustworthy supplier!



22.000 square meters surface
50% covered surface
8 warehouses
4 truck loading bays
Up to 20 trucks charged daily
Showers and rest area for truck drivers