Dreams of Beauty: Our Thanks For Visiting Us at Luxepack

What is a Dream if not emotions and sensations that blossom in the night and spur all of us to work hard and make them true?

We dreamt of a vision a long time ago and day after day we have acted with passion and conscience to share it with million of people all over the world: we dreamt of little gems that, through their beauty, would enrich the lives of many. We dreamt of turning small objects that we use every day into beautiful items to save for years, to look back in remembrance of happy moments: boxes and folding cartons that no consumer would want to through away.

And this dream we have once again shared with you during the last edition of Luxepack 2017 in Monaco, and you have once more appreciated it and given us your useful feedback; for this reason we would like to thank you.

Our Dream of Beauty in boxes and folding cartons has been growing dramatically over the past few years. We have made significant technological progress to make sure that the result would never disappoint our Clients and Final Users and we are very happy to say that we have won this challenge! More and more international clients agree that our vision of beauty perfectly mirrors expectations, and it is so very satisfying to observe the pleased looks of those who handle our products!

This year, to “celebrate” our growing presence on the marketplace, ISEM has renewed its branding image by introducing a new, simplified logo, which stands for all we believe in: directness, simplicity, purity of form, beauty. A stylised 3D box, illustrating our historical vision “We Shape Your Dreams” has been unveiled and now represents, as an icon, our future challenges. We welcome you all to give us your feedback on it.

Most importantly, though, ISEM wants you to enjoy the delicacy of its latest folding cartons, now as delicate and gracious as our “classical” gift boxes. We would love you to recognize, as we have, how a simple object of paper and carton can and will ignite a sense of delight and visual gratification. Because we do believe that, even a small, inexpensive object can contribute to the ever-lasting human dream of Living in Beauty.